A cool dino bird, Archaeopteryx

This being one of my first posts and the beginning for this blog, I’m going to start by sharing a few photos from my trip to England this summer. I’ll share some photos of the birds I saw over there later, but I’m starting here with Archaeopteryx (say it like this: Ark-ee-op-tur-icks), a 150 million year old bird. This guy has claws or talons on the upper middle of the wings and best of all, teeth.

This is a pretty cool reconstruction of Archaeopteryx, an early prehistoric bird, dating from about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic period. I think there is some evidence now that Archaeopteryx was probably black.

So it turns out that birds are living dinosaurs and dinosaurs like this T-Rex probably had feathers of some sort. Check it out.

The museum has the remains of what was one of the last Dodos and these remains are considered “one of the greatest treasures of the Museum” (Oxford University Museum of Natural History).