Coopers hawk

These are some online resources that can help you find out more about birds and where you can observe them.


Here are a few organizations and institutions that help birds and provide reliable bird information.

American Birding Association

American Bird Conservancy


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

National Audubon Society

The Audubon Society provides a lot of useful information including this site for beginners, “Studying the Basics: Where to Look”

Other Wildlife Organizations

In addition to organizations and institutions that are concerned primarily with birds, there are wildlife organzations that also provide useful information about birds, bird locations, and bird checklists.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

National Wildlife Federation

United States Geological Survey (USGS) This link was originally to some useful checklists, but that link has gone bad presently. I’ll put up a new link once they sort out their website issues.

World Wildlife Fund

For people interested in helping bluebirds and native cavity-nesters survive:


Cool birding events

Annual “Wings Over Water” Northwest Birding Festival

Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Puget Sound Bird Fest

Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival

Annual Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

Annual Othello Sandhill Crane Festival

Harney County Migratory Bird Festival

Have a birding event you would like listed here? Just send us an email to let us know.

For information about birding locations in Washington State

Washington bird and wildlife locations This is a nice resource provided by Barb Bentler Ullman.

Other resources

Educational resource for bird walks (PDF)

Young Birders Contest, Resources, and More from the ABA

If you are interested in backyard habitats, rain gardens, stream restoration, etc., check out the Conservation District near you. There is a National Association of Conservation Districts and state associations as well, such as the Washington Association of Conservation Districts. The Conservation Districts are not just for farmers. They do lots of work related to such activities as backyard habitats too. I learned about them through the Snohomish Conservation District. In fact, checkout the activities of conservation leaders awarded by the Snohomish Conservation District.