Another raptor-type dinosaur found

raptor-type dinosaurAnother raptor-type dinosaur found.

“’Based on the findings so far, we assume that the dinosaur is something close to a Microraptor or others in the raptor genera,” said Lim Jong-deock, chief curator of the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. “However, it’s uncertain at this stage exactly which type of dinosaur it was, and there is a chance that it is a new type that hasn’t been reported to academia as of yet.’”

“Microraptors are bird-like dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. They measure between 77 and 90 centimeters (30 and 35 inches), weigh just one or two kilograms (2.2 or 4.4 pounds) and have feathered wings. They were the smallest carnivorous dinosaurs and were believed to have eaten insects or other animals.”

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Scientists create a family tree for birds

“The first time scientists have created a family tree for birds…”

“it is hoped the research could help prioritise conservation efforts in a bid to save the most diverse species from extinction.”

Credit: Yale University

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