Dinosaurs Into Birds

If you want to better understand how Dinosaurs Shrunk Into Birds check out this Video

“Arms into feathered wings; bones hollowing out; morphology minimizing: The lineage of modern day birds includes the Tyrannosaurus and the Velociraptor, dating back over 50 million years. Common traits from Neotheropoda to Archaeopteryx”

http://www.livescience.com/47125-dinosaurs-shrinkage-into-birds-explained-video.htmlDinosaurs’ 'Shrinkage' Into Birds Explained

Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Christmas Bird Count

Christmas Bird Count for Kids

Plan early. Here’s something for kids: “The Christmas Bird Count for Kids is one of these important new volunteer movements that is gaining popularity across North America from Alaska to Florida. Thanks to some of that exhilarating Northern California innovation and creativity from co-founders Tom Rusert and Darren Peterie in Sonoma, along with their partner Bird Studies Canada, this holiday event is sweeping North America.”

Find out more at: http://ebird.org/content/ybn/news/cbc4kids/

And: http://www.sonomabirding.com/cbc4kids_history.html

Acorn Woodpeckers!

The Acorn Woodpecker is one of the world’s most interesting birds. It lives in groups and has developed an unusual practice of storing thousands of acorns in holes they specially drill in the bark and dead limbs of trees—called “granary” trees. As the acorns age, they shrink, so the woodpeckers check them and occasionally relocate them to tighter holes to prevent them from falling out. These birds live in groups so they can keep an eye out for acorn thieves, such as squirrels. It has a distinctive parrot-like call.

The Acorn Woodpecker has been on our wish list for years. It’s range reaches a few hundred miles south of our usual birding locations, so we needed to do a bit of traveling to find them. This winter, while visiting Southern California we got some helpful tips for finding them from a park ranger and were able to make our first sightings in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here are some photos of this amazing bird and the granaries they create.

Something strange: Lake that turns Birds into Stone!

A Deadly African Lake That Turns Animals Into Stone

You can find out more about this in Nick Brandt’s book, Across the Ravaged Land.

High temperatures and volcanic ash combine to create stone animals. Although, the images are staged by the book’s author. He puts them in the poses.

Puget Sound Bird Fest (Edmonds, WA)

Pudget Sound Bird FestPuget Sound Bird Fest is coming up!

A Kid’s Guide to Birding: Saturday, 4:00-5:00 PM (Room:  302)
Lorenzo Rohani of Edmonds is an award-winning photographer and co-author A Kid’s Guide to Birding.  He started birding at age 5 and took up wildlife photography at age 9.  Lorenzo’s presentation focuses on how to get started birding in your backyard and the importance of creating a backyard bird habitat, as well as highlighting interesting birds that are common in the Northwest. With photos and video clips from some of his own birding adventures to the ocean, the mountains, and beyond, Lorenzo will demonstrate how much fun it can be to travel to new destinations and discover and add new birds to your life list!
Yost Park Guided Walk for TEENS: Saturday, 5:30-6:30 PM
FREE, No registration required, meet in the parking lot at Yost Park.
Lorenzo will lead a walk especially for teens who want to bird with other kids their age. This walk will coincide with the Yost Park Guided Walk for Kids and Families described above. The two walks will start and end in the same place, and visit different habitats in the park separately. Bring binoculars if you have them!

For more details: http://www.pugetsoundbirdfest.com/about-the-event