Talented Kids at Pinewood Elementary

After a recent presentation about birding for kids (creating a bird-friendly backyard, saving old trees for keystone species, places to go birding, etc.) at Pinewood Elementary, the students who attended sent these amazing thank-you cards. Wow! Very talented and creative kids. Thank you so much. I just had to share them with others.


Snohomish Conservation District 75th Anniversary Better Ground Showcase

Lorenzo was invited to be keynote speaker at the 75th Anniversary Better Ground Showcase. Along with his video and slide presentation, he spoke about the importance of backyard habitats and the need to preserve not only living trees, but old and dead trees (snags) that are necessary for nest-cavity birds, such as woodpeckers, sapsuckers, owls, ducks, chickadees, nuthatches, and many others.


This inspirational event honored many individuals and businesses in the region for their impressive conservation leadership. The list of those honored included kids and teens. I was particularly impressed by Val Schroeder, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. She has been promoting the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program on Camano Island since 2002 resulting in 866 certified properties on Camano Island. Individuals can make a difference! Read about the others here.

The evening was hosted by the Snohomish Conservation District at the Rosehill Community Center.


If you are unaware of the Snohomish Conservation District, I urge you to check them out at their website:


“Across the United States, nearly 3000 conservation districts offer free help to residents to conserve land, water, forests, wildlife and related natural resources. Their mission, which began after the devastating dust bowl era of the 1930’s, relied on working with farmers and rural landowners on a one-on-one basis.”

I was particularly impressed by their efforts and commitments to backyard habitats that are so vital to the future of birds.

“In response to the critical need for the protection of Puget Sound, a unique and precious feature of northwest Washington, as well as a vast network of salmonid streams and rivers, SCD has developed an urban and suburban program that exemplifies our heritage of working with partners and landowners on land and water resource concerns. Our programs have grown to include low impact development, Firewise communities, backyard wildlife habitat and on-site septic programs and natural yard care.”


Red Kites in England

While birding in England I got to see Red Kites (near threatened status). I first noticed these amazing birds along the motorway going out of London. Later I had a great opportunity to see around 17 flying low over one field in Buckinghamshire. This was all near Waddesdon Manor, a property now owned by the National Trust. This place includes an aviary with a breeding program for threatened bird species.




This one spotted us and came in for a closer look.