About Lorenzo

Lorenzo Rohani photographing Snowy Owls at Boundary Bay Canada

Hi, I’m Lorenzo.

Did you know there are birds that fly backwards, birds that make and use tools, birds that hold funerals, birds that build with rocks, birds that are vegetarians, birds that dance, birds that can build a nest weighing two tons, birds that dive at over 240 miles per hour, birds that sustain accelerations that would cause a fighter jet pilot to pass out? And there’s a lot more. No kidding, this stuff is real.

You can learn more interesting stuff about birds by following my blog.

If you’re new to birding or would like to get started, please take a look at my book, A Kid’s Guide to Birding (check out my book page). It has lots of useful tips, especially for kids. So don’t wait, get started birding now.

Also, I give talks and presentations for both kids and grown-ups. If you live in or near the Seattle Metro area and would like for me to speak at your school or to your organization, then that’s great because I live here in the Northwest too. Please give me or my dad (Michael Rohani) a call at 425-771-2905 or email us at info@kidsbirding.com.

Here’s what some people have said about my presentations and guided bird walks:

“Lorenzo did a marvelous job presenting his photography and his book to our Audubon group of children and adults.  He has incredible poise and knowledge accompanied with excellent photographic skills and enthusiasm for his subject.  I would not hesitate to have him return again for another presentation.”

—Kathleen Snyder, President, Pilchuck Audubon Society

“You were truly amazing!  The kids and teachers could not stop talking about you! . . . confident, intelligent, personable, well-spoken, and accomplished . . . Thank you for your amazing presentation.”

—Dianne Borchert, Librarian, Wellington Elementary

“Today the second grades had the privilege of watching a Power Point by Lorenzo Rohani on his book, A Kid’s Guide to Birding . . . it is an excellent guide for your child to continue their birding interests. Lorenzo kept four classes spellbound for 40 minutes.”

—Diana Lyons, Teacher, Wellington Elementary

” I was so impressed with Lorenzo’s presentation to my Kindergarten class!  I have been telling everyone I know about you and your book.  The kids were absolutely engaged and excited to hear all about birding.  He handled all of their questions with expertise and care.  Thank you for enriching our Kindergarten year!!”

—Merrily Klein, Kindergarten Teacher, Maplewood Co-Op

“Wow! What a crowd you had for your bird walk—and so many kids too . . . . Thank you so much for being an important part of Bird Fest this year. Thanks to you we had the largest number of children coming to Bird Fest ever!  I think having you on the program made a big difference.”

—Susie Schaefer, Puget Sound Bird Fest

Lorenzo Rohani was the keynote speaker at a Tahoma Audubon Society membership meeting where awards were presented to young artists for their bird art. He held a roomful of adults and children at attention for 40 minutes of birding lore, superb photography, with knowledge and humor and great presence. He has authored a book with his father called A Kid’s Guide to Birding, which is filled with great pictures he has taken from his backyard, local waterways and the ocean. Any group will be enlightened and educated by this young man.

Margie Shea, Education Program Specialist

Tacoma Nature Center

Lorenzo Rohani giving a presentation, Tacoma Nature Center

Lorenzo giving a Birding presentation at the Tacoma Nature Center. (1919 S Tyler St, Tacoma, WA, 98405)

Tacoma Nature Center

Lorenzo with winners of the nature art contest at the Tacoma Nature Center. Lorenzo was one of the selected jurors for the show.



Lorenzo Rohani birding