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A Kid’s Guide to Birding

You’re never too young to discover birds. The many different ways birds look, fly, sing, hunt, and nest are among the most interesting wonders of the natural world. Discover birding and you’ll discover a lot about nature and life—and often you don’t have to look farther than your own backyard.


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A great intro to birding for kids

A Kid’s Guide to Birding explains:
• the basics of birding for kids,
• tips on what makes a good birder,
• how to recognize and identify birds,
• ways to attract birds to your own yard,
• steps for starting your own birding “life list,”
• places to find new birds,
• and much more!

Over 300 Color Photos

More than 175 Species

Projects and tips

A Kid’s Guide to Birding was created by father and son birding enthusiasts, Michael and Lorenzo Rohani. Together they traveled to wildlife refuges, national parks, and birding hot spots to discover some amazing birds. At home, they even turned their backyard into a bird-friendly habitat. During their adventures, Lorenzo documented the many birds he observed and became a skilled and award-winning photographer.

What Reviewers are Saying


“More exciting and more informative than a field guide, this is an excellent introduction. Highly recommended for all libraries.”

—Connie Pottle, Youth Services Manager, Delaware County District Library


“. . . packed with wonderful bird photography and a wealth of kid-friendly information.”

—Aaron Baggenstos, Nature Photographer and Owner of Aaron’s Photo Tour, Author of Kirkland’s Wildlife of Juanita Bay


“. . . a book that will inspire many to become birders.”

—Jacque Verrall, NBCT, Full Day Kindergarten Teacher, Edmonds, Washington


“Wow! What a terrific book. . . . Lorenzo’s photographs are amazing . . . sure to kindle enthusiasm for birding in children and parents alike!”

—Dana Rozier, Author of An Inquisitive Kid’s Guide: Natural Hawai’i


“. . . a wonderful book! The photography is fabulous and the information is clear, well-written, accurate and comprehensive.”

—Cathy Williams, Children’s Librarian, Columbus Metropolitan Library