Darwin’s Birds Get New Look

“Scientists are following Darwin’s example by using the birds to find clues to the way evolution works in general.”


Researchers have found that mutations in pigeon DNA can control a variety of traits, including the directions of their feathers grow, like in this Jacobin pigeon. Charles Darwin raised pigeons and was interested in their breeding as an extreme example of domestic selection. (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/05/science/pigeons-a-darwin-favorite-carry-new-clues-to-evolution.html?hp)

birds have emotional reactions to song…

Turns out birds have emotional reactions to song. Check out this new study:


Lots of cool things are becoming known about birds. Maybe this isn’t as surprising as birds making tools or holding funerals — other things we’ve learned recently — but emotional reactions to songs is interesting just because it too makes birds seem to have a little more in common with humans.

Real or Fake? Eagle Grabs Baby: Video Of Bird Snatching Child In Montreal Baffles Viewers


Here’s the answer: http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2012/12/19/the-baby-snatching-bird-hoax-does-make-you-wonder-about-birds-of-prey/

More on how it was made:

Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge

Post #3 for great places to go birding. American Avocets and Black-neck Stilts are just two of the amazing birds you can find in the Toppenish area. Check out my video and gallery of photos from Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge. I’ve included directions and tips for getting there.

New Website feature: The “Go Birding” pages for Birding Hot Spots

I’ve decided to add a new feature to the main menu of this website called “Go Birding” that will feature my own favorite birding hot spots. There will be a submenu for each place with a description and some photos of the place, plus some of the birds I’ve seen there.


This will include great birding areas in the Pacific Northwest where I live as well as cool places further out. So be sure to check out these birding places. I’m starting off with Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge which is definitely one of the best spots. More info and photos are at this link: Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge