An Osprey Dive

Lorenzo was invited by Everett Parks & Recreation to lead the Aquanauts Science Camp on a birding trip to Spencer Island (July 21, 2015). Bird sightings included Great Blue Herons, Cedar Waxwings, Killdeer, Caspian Terns, Marsh Wrens, Red-wing blackbirds, and Belted Kingfishers. The highlight was Osprey doing repeated dives for fish as shown in the photo sequence taken by Lorenzo. Notice in image #3 how the Osprey goes down with feet first before reaching the water.

Spencer Island
is a 400-acre island in the Snohomish River estuary.

Another raptor-type dinosaur found

raptor-type dinosaurAnother raptor-type dinosaur found.

“’Based on the findings so far, we assume that the dinosaur is something close to a Microraptor or others in the raptor genera,” said Lim Jong-deock, chief curator of the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. “However, it’s uncertain at this stage exactly which type of dinosaur it was, and there is a chance that it is a new type that hasn’t been reported to academia as of yet.’”

“Microraptors are bird-like dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. They measure between 77 and 90 centimeters (30 and 35 inches), weigh just one or two kilograms (2.2 or 4.4 pounds) and have feathered wings. They were the smallest carnivorous dinosaurs and were believed to have eaten insects or other animals.”

Hawk Mountain

Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk

Hawk Mountain is an amazing place you may have read about. Definitely on my bucket list of birding places to visit.

I was watching this video — Birding Adventures TV Extreme Raptors — and thought it would be good to share it.

(There’s a bit much product placement in this video, but its well done).

2014 Puget Sound Bird Fest is this weekend

2014 Puget Sound Bird Fest

 Yost Park Guided Walk for Kids and Families: Saturday, 5:30-6:30 PM
FREE, No registration required, meet in the parking lot at Yost Park.

Join Lorenzo Rohani, photographer and author of A Kid’s Guide to Birding, along with a guide from Pilchuck Audubon for an afternoon birding walk through the woods and along the stream that meanders through Yost Park.  Learn about the habitat that supports the resident and migratory species of birds found in the park.  Practice your skills looking and listening for birds and experience the joy of identifying each species observed on the walk.  Yost Park is 5 minutes away from the Frances Anderson Center, at 9535 Bowdoin Way, so you can easily get there in time for the walk after the last presentation of the day

Dinosaurs Into Birds

If you want to better understand how Dinosaurs Shrunk Into Birds check out this Video

“Arms into feathered wings; bones hollowing out; morphology minimizing: The lineage of modern day birds includes the Tyrannosaurus and the Velociraptor, dating back over 50 million years. Common traits from Neotheropoda to Archaeopteryx”’ 'Shrinkage' Into Birds Explained